Post Launch Guide

So you’ve launched your own site. Congratulations! But the work doesn’t stop there. In fact, now is when the hard work begins.

Following the launch of your site, you need to get people interested, and keep them coming back. Useful, quality content is one way to do this. You also need to become a social media guru. Another option is advertising.

Creating content

Keep people interested with a steady stream of new and useful content. Many of your core content will be in place already, but you can add to this, either with additional pages or blog posts. A blog can cover anything relevant, from social or company news to a new product launch. If it’s interesting to your readers, then they’ll keep coming back for more.

Social networking

Word-of-mouth, organic growth is invaluable. But for people to know you’re there, you need to have a presence. But don’t shove meaningless posts down your followers’ feeds. Providing valuable insights, company updates or even entertaining items will help keep up your audience numbers. This will drive traffic to your site.


You can also look at advertising as a way to build and maintain your site’s traffic. Consider how best to do this though, as advertising costs. You can target adverts or boost posts on Facebook. You can try advertising on other sites, or even look at affiliate marketing. Just ensure your adverts are getting to the right people.