Site Page or Blog Post: which should you use?

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Your WordPress site will let you add a blog post or site page as part of your content. But what is the difference? And when should you use these?

WordPress Site Page

A page on your site provides your core content. Pages are more permanent or static elements of your site. While you can change or update your page content easily enough onWordPress, your site’s pages will often remain a constant.

You may set up an About page on your site, to give visitors some insight into yourself or your business. This isn’t likely to change very much over time. You may have a Services page, or a page for pricing. Your services may grow or change, and your pricing is sure to fluctuate over time, these pages will remain.

The other thing about your site pages is that you’re not likely to add too many more over time. You’ll have your core pages, and possibly others branching off from this. But these will, in all likelihood, stay fairly consistent.

Blog Posts

Different to a site page, blog posts are often published more regularly (every week or so), and the content can be as diverse as you need. Blog posts will generally stay up on your site, but newer posts will appear at the top of your blog page.

The content in blog posts can focus on any number of areas, relevant in some way to your site or core content. Posts can be more current or topical and deal with issues or queries as they arise. Because of this, blog posts can be used to drive traffic to your site by using keywords.

Blog posts are also better suited for posting on your social networks. They’re more current and the content is more varied. This means you can cover plenty of topics, and boost traffic by using a variety of keywords.

Blog posts can cover anything from company or product news, specials or promotions and updates about your staff or business. You can comment on current affairs that impact on your company or keep tabs on interesting events. Your options are endless.

How do Site Pages and Blog Posts work together?

Your core content (on your pages) drives your business. This is what informs users about your services or products. Your blog posts drive the traffic to the pages, so you can convert users into customers.

So you need to make sure of a few things:

  • Include internal links from your posts to your pages.
  • Publish blogs often, using your keywords, and post these on your social media networks.
  • Create a connection between pages and posts. If you have a new winter range, write a post about it as well.
  • Stay relevant. Write posts that inspire, motivate and encourage people to use your service or buy your product. Your posts should be showing users why they need you, without you having to oversell what you do.

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