Site Launch Guide

A step-by-step guide to launching your own WordPress site


The first stage of creating any site is planning. You need to know where you're going, so you can plan how best to get there!

Set Up

Next, you need to set up your site. This stage includes everything from installing WordPress to creating a landing page.


This is all about adding quality content that boosts your SEO. You'll also be finding a WordPress theme and monitoring your site.

We have you covered...

Find all the resources and tools you need to successfully launch and maintain your own WordPress site. 

Step-by-step guides for evey stage

Handy tips and hints along the way

The complete Go Live checklist

Map out your goals, aims, budget and other factors that will impact your site features and design.

Do your research and find the best domain name and email address for your site.

Find the WordPress Hosting company that gives you what you need for your site.

Once you have signed up with a hosting company, you'll need to install WordPress.

Start marketing your site through social media and a newsletter.

Create a landing page to let people know what's coming.

Find and install the plugins you need to ensure your site works efficiently and looks amazing.

Start adding your content, ensuring you provide quality information with good SEO.

Find a theme that gives you flexibility in your design and that meets your needs.

You need tohave the tools in place to ensure you can track and monitor your site's analytics.

Make sure you've done checked off everything on our Go Live Checklist. Then Go Live!

You've done it! Now you need to maintain your site and keep the traffic coming.